The Hidden Dangers of Wood Rot

Wood rot is not a matter to take lightly.  In essence, wood rot is the natural breakdown of what was once a living tree.  Its part of natures decomposition process.  We specialize in deck wood rot, house wood rot, window wood rot, door wood rot.

wood rot

Wood rot. A problem you tend to dismiss, much to your future chagrin.

Wood rot is often ignored by homeowners and business owners because it starts out so small and seems so innocuous. That is its secret. In reality, wood rot is a problem you should not ignore. Wood rot, although starts out small, can lead to major damage in your home or business’ structure that potentially can be dangerous. Wood rot can cause deterioration in all your home’s wooden structures, including support beams and posts that hold your roof and upper floors to your home up. Rotted floors can crack and break under your weight, and rotting roof joints can cause your roof to collapse. Wood rot should never be ignored once discovered.

Handyman Home Repair specializes in repairing and, more than likely, replacing rotten wood and shoring up the surrounding areas. As the best carpentry service in Southern New Hampshire, we are experts at home repair involving all types of wood. With over a quarter of a decade of experience, we can help. Below, we’ll offer up areas to look for signs of rot in your home or office, and if you find any, give us a call today!


  • Windows. Windows, because of their very nature of being a hole cut into wood, are apt areas where wood rot occurs in your home or office. If your caulking becomes old and falls away, your wood is now exposed to the rain, snow, wind, and other elements that increase deterioration. Furthermore, if your window does not get a lot of exposure to the sun, this wood can stay wet, which promotes the growth of mold or fungi. Mold and/or fungi growth further accelerate the deterioration of your wooden structure. If you have a window where water pools due to a ledge or other carpentry construction, it’s best to have the wooden structure completely replaced and remodeled in order to prevent water build up.
  • Doors. Again, because a door is a cut into your wood, doorways are common places for wood rot to appear. When caulking fails or is not properly maintained, water seeps in and wood rot can set in, taking its toll. Wood rot in doorways is commonly discovered only when you replace your door. Hence, it’s best to call a professional handyman to regularly inspect your wooden structures to ensure structural soundness.

Handyman Home Repair in Southern New Hampshire can help. Contact us today for all your wood rot, carpentry, and home repair needs!